About Us
Bill and Diana LaMorris

My love affair with Labradors began in 1975, with a yellow male named Duker
Dog, and I have been passionate about the advancement  of the breed ever
since. I became interested in Chocolates in the late 1980's and  obtained my
first Chocolate in 1990, then  began the work of breeding a Dual Purpose
Labrador that would have a certain look, temperament, and working ability.    
Through Generations of careful selection and breeding we have
produced a Labrador Retriever with an easy going temperament, eager to
please,  keen to learn,  an outstanding willingness in the field, and a Classic
English Conformation.
I met Diana and  introduced her to the dogs and it was love at first site for all of

I had not spent much time around dogs until I met Bill. It is amazing to be
involved in the process of breeding.  So many stories!
From picking out a pup, raising her, getting clearances and deciding on a sire,
constant attention is needed.
We usually  have a pup in the house,  
and then a retired dog,  or 2 or 3!  then  the
in and out,  the  girls who are of breeding age, and everyone else, for love
and hugs and just hanging out
.   Lots of personalities, and lots of fun.  
Getting to know the people who adopt our pups is one of our great pleasures.    
We have made some great friends, and consider all the people who have
adopted our dogs part of our extended family.   
The LaMorris Lab Difference

We spare no expense in searching out the finest Labrador Retrievers in the
country to include in our breeding program.  This usually  means that we need
to ship chilled semen and arrange to have the breeding done at a canine
reproduction clinic.
In some cases we use frozen semen from Labradors that are no longer in the
country or have passed away.  
All of these options allow us to incorporate the best examples of Labrador
Retrievers possible  into our line.
Who we are
What is a
LaMorris Lab
We screen all of our Labradors for genetic defects as well as proper
conformation and temperament.  We strive to produce a companion that will
have a healthy and long life.  We provide documentation on clearances for
each Labrador .
Health Screening
We ask that each family take the time to fill out an application for us. It is
important that we know where our pups will go, and what type of home they will
have.  We want to make sure that a Labrador is the proper fit for your family and
that it is the right time for you and the pup.
Why fill out an