It`s cold !!
Make sure your dog
has food, shelter, and
Health Alert
The latest in health news for your Labrador
Retriever, and other canine companions
Quick Facts

Canine Treats, from China
There have been several recalls from problems resulting in sickness or death, Read
the label and avoid these types of treats.

Quality dog food
We recommend that you do not feed dog food that has corn or chicken in the
ingredient list. There have been problems resulting in injury or death associated
with these products.

Rawhide Treats
We do not recommend giving rawhide treats to your dog, there is a chance that they
could be swallowed and create a obstruction in the bowel. If the dog cannot pass it
your only alternative is surgery.
It's that time of year, keep an eye out for snakes when
you are enjoying the outdoors with your Labrador
Retriever.  Check with your veterinarian about
preventative  vaccines,