I first began to raise Labrador Retrievers in 1976. With my first Lab
Duke. He was a yellow male and his ancestry was questionable, but he
was the beginning of a life long love affair with the breed. There have
been a lot of wonderful dogs in my life since then, and I am looking
forward with anticipation to the ones that are still to come. I hope you
enjoy looking at these photos of friends past and present as much as I do.
Whizzer 1981
The Lump Gulch Crew back in
the early 80's
Little Bit,MaMa Rae,Zeke,Mona,Sage
Little Bit
MaMa Rae
Cholla, Zeke, Teal
Little Bit, Sage, MaMa Rae, Mona
This was the end of the days in Rollinsville and the Lump Gulch Crew.
The year 2000 brought a move to Canon city and the begining of the
Lincoln Park Crew.