Where did Labrador
Retrievers come from?
They can be traced to
Newfoundland in the
1600`s. Where a stoutly
built, short haired dog,
known as the St. Johns
dog, was used by
fishermen as an aid in
retrieving nets, as well
as upland game, and
waterfowl. They were
exported to England,
and Scotland where
they were placed in
breeding programs by
Nobility. Eventually  
Standards for the breed
were set, and they were
shown, as well as
entered in field trials.
In 1903 they we
recognized as a
separate breed.
Saint John`s Dogs
One of the earliest
dogs to produce The
Chocolate Color
Phase can be traced
back to Buccleuch`s
One of the fundamental aspects of the early breeding programs was
the devotion to Dual Purpose Labradors. Dogs that would Conform
to a certain Standard, as well as perform as Working dogs. We see
no reason to deviate from that purpose.
Here are a few of the more Notable dogs that have had a Major
Impact on the Breed.
Banchory Bolo
Banchory Bolo
and a few of his Offspring
Charway Ballywillwill
in the center
Charway Ballywillwill
Kupros Master Mariner
Kupros Master Mariner
Buccleuch`s Avon