Exactly what is the pick of the litter? Most people imply that it
is the best puppy. Best for whom? Best for what? There are
dogs better suited for particular things, but that would
depend on who the dog is going to. and what their needs are.

Some people think they need to see the entire litter of pups
in order to pick out a good dog, we have found this is a
misconception. In any one litter, the majority of the pups are
comparable. In each litter there is usually a highly energetic
dog, a more reserved dog, and the rest fall in between. The
term pick of the litter is a common phrase among people, we
would be wise to eliminate it from our vocabulary.

We have seen the last pup go to its new home and turn out to
be the very best in the litter, and we have seen what we
thought to be the best pup turn out to be just another good

The term runt refers to a sickly and abnormally undersized
puppy. Few litters have a true runt. Within two years the litter
mates ( given proper care ) are within pounds of each other.
Based on logic alone there is always going to be the largest
pup in the litter and the smallest, yet this changes as the
puppies grow into adults. Our dogs are very consistent. The
females will be in the  75 pound range, the males in the 95
pound range.

So how should you pick your puppy?
Put away the book that tells you how to pick a puppy

Put aside the notion that bigger is better

Sit down

Really look at the litter

Notice puppies that are trying to get your attention ( there is
something to be said for chemistry )

Listen to your breeder when he tells you about specific

Follow your heart

Take your time ( never ever rush )

Ask questions