HI, my husband and I adopted a chocolate lab puppy from Chica's litter last winter.  She
is now 1 year old!  Her name is Abby.  I just wanted to thank you all again for allowing
us to adopt her last winter!  There are no words to even begin to describe how in love
with her we are :)  She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She is doing so
well; she is so happy and LOVES to go swimming.  Everyone that has met her absolutely
loves her and we are just grateful to have gotten her.  I just wanted to send a note to
thank you and wish you and your husband a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

I also see that Chica is having another litter- we are even considering getting another
one!  We would love nothing more than to possibly get another one, do you know when
you anticipate that litter being born?

thank you again!
Feed Back
Hi Bill and Diana,

Just sending you a couple of quick photos of not so much “Baby” Gemma, wow she sure
is one incredible dog, can’t thank you enough for trusting us with her.  

She finished her first session (4.5 months) of gundog training in the beginning of June
this year and is now in full swing of waterfowl hunting with Derek, me and our other dog
Maggie (who has 8.5 months of waterfowl and upland game training).  I am pleased to
tell you that Gemma is by far the best gundog we’ve had, worked with or seen and the
compliments from others, are just so pleasing, I giggle every time someone tells me how
beautiful, amazing, even tempered, smart and steady my dog is (proud mama J)

Hope all is well with you and the dogs and the many puppies to come.

Derek and Leah
Alberta Canada
Just a quick note to say hello, Quincy Bear turned 4 years old this summer and still loves
those ducks, seems to always be licking his chops in the photos, he has a buddy this trip
who had never been duck hunting so Quincy had to show him the ropes. Hope you are all
doing well.
Boulder Colorado
Hi Bill!  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we will have FOUR LaMorris
Labs in my house (mine and Abby and Barley Jones) for the next 2 weeks…I am SO
excited and hope to get some good pictures of the 4 of them, but you know how hard it
can be to get 4 Labs to all do the same thing at the same time.  

I hope all is well with you and know it will be Labdamonium in my houseJ

It's been a little while since my last email, but wanted to send you a quick note about
Mango. I got her back from you in June 2009, so she's about 2 1/2 now and AMAZING.
Seriously, probably the best dog ever. I get comments all the time about what a good
looking dog she is, and so well-behaved. And she's so expressive, which we love, you can
tell exactly what shes thinking all the time.
She LOVES the snow, basically like Christmas morning when she wakes up and theres
the fluffy stuff on the ground. Her face just lights up. Winter is definitly her favorite
season, nice and cool. And she loves toys, especially things that make noise.
And since i work at Backpacker Magazine, she is a frequent dog gear tester and has
made multiple appearences in the magazine and on the ipad edition One thing we did
learn, she is not a fan of the hiking booties :)

Anyway, attached are a couple photos. Hope you are doing well.

Denver Colorado
Hey Bill,

I just sent you some pics with a late christmas card.  The dogs are doing excellent.  They
are almost too cool to be real.  We love them to death.  I sent enough pics for a lifetime!

Hope you are both doing well.  All of the "Steamboat Lamorris labs" are doing great.  I
think there are 6 now! (Deets, Walter, Mazie, Cola, Brooke and Bear)

Steamboat Springs Colorado
Hi Lamorris Labs,
We wanted to write and tell you a thousand thanks!  Porter turned 2 years in November
and has been the best addition to our family.  He is sweet tempered and fantastic with the
kids.  He runs with us, goes with us to ball games and waits at the window for the kids to
get home from school.  Our family gets comments everywhere we take him on his
demeanor and of course his handsome looks.  We couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you!

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hi Bill and Diana,

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and want to thank you again for
bringing Decker into our lives! He is a healthy, happy and extremely active 5
1/2 month old who is the most popular puppy wherever we go. He is already over
40 lbs and loves the snow, going for walks (Sarah, Decker, Sarah's mom and
Archie participated in the Turkey Trot at Wash Park over Thanksgiving!), and
playing with his best friend Archie. Archie and Decker have become great
playmates and love spending time together, when they aren't running and
wrestling you can often find them snuggling together. Here are some of our
favorite pictures of the two of them from the past few months.

Thank you again, Decker is a wonderful addition to our family and to our lives!

Dan, Sarah and Decker